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Corporate Info About Goodin Associates, Ltd.

Background and History:
Goodin Associates Limited (GAL) was founded in 1986 as a software and support provider to the courts. GAL was founded on the principle that the courts were a relatively new territory for computers, and thus a successful vendor had to be particularly willing to talk with and listen to clients and work with them to develop software products that answer their specific needs. We take pride in our frequent dialogue with clients, through our telephone hotline support and annual conferences. Our products are currently in use by 80 out of 102 counties in Illinois, and have grown to include jury management, State's Attorneys, and probation in addition to the courts.

Employee Skills:
Goodin Associates began with a tradition of selecting and cultivating employees to have a strong background in the justice system. New employees are encouraged to develop a working understanding of court procedures, often spending days working directly with the different offices comprising the justice system. As a result, our software offers a function-driven interface, often using program-to-program flow that mirrors the flow of normal daily life operations.  This lets users without computer backgrounds readily adapt to new programs.

Full Service Provider:
We understand that in the sometimes hectic environment our clients inhabit doesn't always leave time for every administrator or user to become an information systems professional.  Besides being skilled with the software we provide,  our technical support staff can help our clients and the vendors with diagnosis of hardware problems.

Goodin Associates provides complete solutions:

Software analysis -- Each county is treated on an individual basis. We work to provide each county with a plan for their immediate software needs and the software packages that they may wish to add in the future.

Hardware analysis -- Our sales team is careful to consider each caseload and other volume indicators before they recommend system hardware.  Projected growth in future years is also considered.

Paper supplies and forms -- Because our clients like dealing with one main vendor, GAL also provides continuous receipt forms, checks, computer paper, printer supplies and various other requested supplies.


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