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Products Prosecutor Case Management

Case Data:

Track all case data from incident through arrests, charging, and sentencing.

Easily Locate a case in our search hub.
Search on:

  • Case number
  • Litigant name
  • Victim Name
  • Police Report ID
  • Aliases
  • Driver License number

Integration with the Court:

  • Get up and running quickly.
  • View existing cases in JIMS directly in PC JIMS Prosecutor to avoid tedious data entry for existing cases.
  • Save data entry by submitting case information to the Circuit Clerk for review/acceptance by PC JIMS.
  • Directly view JIMS data on a case using the court inquiry menu.
  • Access scanned documents in JIMAS Imaging document management system.

Participant Data:

Keep current data on case participants, including offenders, victims, & witnesses:

  • Addresses
  • Phone and e-mail
  • Aliases
  • Affiliations and Relationships

Create Documents:

Produce and log documents using custom templates for:

  • Warrants, motions, subpoenas
  • Free form letters to a case participant
  • Charging documents

Charge Tools:

Make excellent charging decisions using our charge tools.

  • Search for offenses by citation or description
  • Synchronize master charge database with the Uniform Complaint Book
  • View ILCS data quickly from hyperlinks

Event Search:

Search for court hearings and other events entered by the prosecution.

Filters help users focus on key events, such as those of interest to a victim/witness coordinator.

Define event series in which "trigger" events can automatically create one or more reminder events to track deadlines or the status of key workflow processes.

Victim/Witness Coordinator Interface:

Use our victim/witness coordinator interface to track interactions with victims and witnesses. Our reports allow quick completion of quarterly VCVA reports.

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