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Products Courts Child Support

With PC JIMS Child Support Module, office personnel can:

  • Extract party names and addresses directly from the JIMS Case Management program.
  • Automatically index accounts by account number and associated party names.
  • Maintain a complete list of orders for any account.
  • Obtain a complete support history for an account, detailing every payment made through the clerk's office, and the account balance.
  • Issue checks for deposited payments either immediately or after a waiting period for bank clearance.
  • Print comprehensive reports for IDPA of payments made on non-assistance accounts.
  • Generate daily, monthly, and annual financial reports.
  • Print address labels.
  • Issue court notices to delinquent payors.
  • Monitor an account's status with respect to payment of administrative fees.
  • Print notices of annual clerk fees.
  • Print reports of payment histories, delinquency assessments and charging assessments.

Click here to download a brochure for PC JIMS Child Support.


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