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Designed for the office of the Circuit Clerk, PC JIMS Courts is composed of four sub-modules:

  • Finances: The finance management programs provide an automated system of receipting payments, establishing account receivables and disbursing fines and fees.
  • Statistics: These programs quickly process the information necessary to form common statistical reports required by the Administrative Office of Illinois Courts.
  • Scheduling: Schedule management programs exist for both court and non-court appointments that can be entered by users in the clerk's office or by the judges themselves.
  • Indexing: Searching for a case is easy with automatic case indexing. Cases can be accessed using the case number or a litigant's name.

PC JIMS Courts simplifies many of the routine tasks performed by the Clerk staff:

  • A single screen allows editing of A/Rs and receipting payments

  • Drag multiple parties from a list of civil litigants to the "For" and "Against" columns to make a universal or semi-universal disposition
  • Copy criminal dispositions and sentences to other charges
  • Set hearings using on-screen calendar views sorted in various ways using date, judge and courtroom

    (Red=conflict, Yellow=hearing, Orange=simultaneous conflict & hearing)

  • Custom views of the docket, sorted any way you might want it. Just double-click on the hearing to edit it

Click here to see how to use PC JIMS to streamline your daily court call.

Click here to download a brochure for PC JIMS Courts.

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